Steel Structures

Steel Structures Division (Unmanned Multilevel Automated Warehouses)

Unmanned Multilevel Automated Warehouse Construction Work

Toyu Kougyou has constructed and installed accompanying transport/conveyance equipment at unmanned multilevel automated warehouses for various factories and distribution centers in modern-day Japan; in industries such as the electrical machinery, pharmaceuticals, food products, transport and warehouse industries.

We believe that we have contributed to the increased efficiency of inventory management for all manner of goods, irrespective of size; from large items such as automobile bodies to small items such as machine parts, clothing, foodstuffs and books.

Moving forward, too, we will continue to train on a daily basis in pursuit of new skills and technologies, without becoming conceited or contented with the know-how that we have accumulated so far.

Steel Structures
Quality Management

There are various types of unmanned multilevel automated warehouse, but all of them require millimeter-spec precision.
We strive to deliver high-precision construction and installation work, with our highly-trained and experienced engineers rechecking essential measurements in each and every process that we carry out.
We also remain constantly mindful of the fact that parts and equipment such as storage rack frameworks and stacker cranes are products that are to be delivered to our customers. We therefore take care to thoroughly mask these items, and pay careful attention to ensure that there are no faults or defects at the installation stage.

Safety Management

Since the steel storage rack frameworks used in unmanned multilevel automated warehouses have complex shapes unlike those in other steel-framed structures, they constitute no easy environment for the installation of safety equipment for use during their construction. Despite this fact, ensuring safety in construction projects is one of our primary missions. We therefore pay careful attention in ensuring safety, by applying our accumulated technical skills and knowledge to the various different situations we encounter at each individual work site.

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