Message from the President

Toyu Kougyou was founded in 1975, as a general steel framework fabrication and assembly business. Since then, we have changed with the times, expanding into various areas and handling all manner of construction projects, including unmanned multilevel automated warehouses, erection bridge construction, aseismic reinforcement and other general construction work. Unmanned multilevel automated warehouses, in particular, have transformed into cutting-edge logistics warehouses.

Today, where Internet-based mail-order sales have become the mainstream, there is no doubt that demand for unmanned multilevel automated warehouses will become even greater. Toyu Kougyou has been involved in the construction of logistics warehouses since 1981, training specialized human resources and making this area one of the cornerstones of our business.

In addition to being complex structures, unmanned multilevel warehouses also require the precision (millimeter-spec) installation of accompanying transport/conveyance equipment. They are therefore high-difficulty projects that require high-level technical capabilities. Toyu Kougyou’s engineers—with their decades of experience—keep a watchful eye over every work task, delivering a responsible and consistent construction service with respect to safety, quality and completion time.

We are also engaged in a wide range of other projects, from railway bridge repairs (for the Shinkansen “bullet train” network) to reinforcement work, construction of general steel frameworks and all manner of other general architectural and construction work. Moving forward, too, we will continue to uphold our principles of sincerity, enthusiasm, originality, ingenuity and high quality with regard to projects entrusted to us by our customers; and will not be content with the technical capabilities that we have developed to far, but will continue to train ourselves with the aim of improving and increasing our capabilities even further.

Isamu Fujita, President and CEO

藤田 勇 社長

Corporate Philosophy

A technology-based company

Each and every employee contributes to the improvement and advancement of society through their work.

We strive to improve our skills and technology, to deliver bona fide high quality products, and to become a well-trusted company.

We value civility and etiquette, and work modestly to build an orderly working environment.

Safety Management at Toyu Kougyou

Risk Prediction Activities

At our factory work sites, workers engage in risk prediction activities before starting work. By sharing information about risk areas in advance, we endeavor to prevent the occurrence of accidents. In addition to this, we also invest our efforts into risk assessment activities using materials provided by our customers as teaching materials.

Self-Imposed Patrols

Our workers patrol our factory work sites periodically, checking that a safe working environment is being properly maintained and ensured. These self-imposed patrols also provide an opportunity to hear about things that workers have noticed, and to hear suggestions for improvements.

Annual Safety Meetings

Once a year, we host lectures on safety management, given by external lecturers. These meetings give us an opportunity to hear in detail about safety initiatives, causes of accidents, and methods of dealing with and/or preventing such accidents. In this way, we endeavor to spread knowledge of safety-related issues amongst our employees and partner firms, with the aim of achieving a zero incident rate for work-related accidents.

A scene from one of our annual safety meetingsA scene from one of our annual safety meetings

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